About Us​


ALKARMA For Paper Industries (AFP) is a leading paper production company based in Egypt, specializing in Test Liner, Fluting paper, Kraft and White-Top paper with customized quality. We use advanced technology to ensure the highest quality paper. With a competitive presence in the Egyptian market since 2018, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and export our products globally. With a capacity + 54 thousand tons per year and paper width of 330 cm, we can meet various market needs.


Companies should choose ALKARMA For Paper Industries for our high-quality products made with state-of-the-art technology, versatility in producing Test Liner, Fluting, Kraft and White-Top paper, commitment to customer service and after-sales support, environmentally friendly practices and large production capacity + 54 thousand tons per year and wide paper width of 330 cm. We export our products worldwide and we are an ideal choice for companies looking for a reliable and high-quality paper supplier.

What Differentiates Us


ALKARMA For Paper Industries values a strong and supportive community within the company. We encourage open communication and collaboration, provide opportunities for professional development, and prioritize employee well-being through safety training. Our aim is to work together to achieve our goals and maintain high quality products and services.

Production Lines

  • First production line: Test Liner and Fluting paper
  • Second production line: Kraft and White-top Liner paper. [launching soon]
  • Utilizing the latest technology, including a radiation scanner, we control the papers’ grammage and moisture during production to guarantee constant values and quality.
  • We are constantly expanding our product lines to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We Are Sustainable

At ALKARMA For Paper Industries, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously. We believe in using resources efficiently and minimizing our environmental impact. One of the ways we achieve this is through our recycling efforts. We use waste paper as raw material to produce new paper, which reduces the need to cut down trees and conserves energy. We also use clean energy sources and implement environmentally friendly processes throughout our production. By choosing to work with AFP, companies can feel confident in their own sustainability efforts.